Teacher Training

Qualified Mitzvah Technique Teacher Training with Susan Green

Susan Green has been authorized to train Mitzvah Technique Teachers by M. Cohen-Nehemia, founder of Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique. Susan qualifies Mitzvah Technique Teachers in a three level teacher diploma course.

After experiencing the unique benefits of the Mitzvah Technique, you may be moved to pursue teacher training. You learn to become a well rounded dynamic posture specialist empowering others to help themselves through postural reeducation. Teacher trainee’s postural patterns of body usage are taken to a very high standard to master the practice of the Mitzvah Technique discipline and the Mitzvah Mechanism.

Teacher trainees learn to perform, demonstrate and teach the Mitzvah Technique discipline through the chair, stool, barre, wall, floor and movement exercises. They learn and practice the wording from the Mitzvah exercises.

Teacher trainees develop and refine the sensitivity of hands on guidance for the Mitzvah exercises, table and stool work. High quality of  gentle hands on connection/direction is the major focus. This highly refined quality of hands on approach brings strong connection/direction which imparts significant changes in postural body usage. I have developed techniques for Teacher trainees to develop good working hands that bring big postural improvements. My standards are high and I produce top results.

Teacher trainees are taught how to identify and assist individuals through a wide variety of problems and pain issues. They study basic anatomy, biomechanics and motor learning as it relates to teaching the Mitzvah Technique throughout the training. You will learn how to uniquely help solve pain issues and multiple and very difficult problems through the Mitzvah Technique’s total body action.

Teacher trainees are given opportunities to practice teach the Mitzvah Technique and give presentations. They are educated to become well rounded, literate and effective communicators of the Mitzvah Technique.

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