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Ongoing work activities can cause debilitating problems resulting in costly time off  work. This means educating yourself so you don’t get pain now or in the future.

You learn how to use a chair and desk to comfortably stop slouching at the computer. You experience relief from the effects of prolonged repetitive activities and confined body positioning.

You are taught how to help deal with standing for long periods of time, Tension is further reduced by reconnecting you to your body’s instinctive need for constant movement and position changes. These techniques provide physical solutions for tension/stress management and strain relief.

Through the practice of Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique, moving about the workplace becomes an opportunity to physically de-stress while achieving a highly productive day and looking your very best.

Sampling of in house workshops, and lunch and learnWorkplace Events: Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Toronto Public Libraries, Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Air Canada/Pearson Airport…

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