First, I saw Susan for my posture and related issues and then I took my husband to her. Susan is not only an expert in Mitzvah technique but also a caring and compassionate healer. She is a very good listener- a quality which many professionals lack. Susan is very good at reaching out and making connections. After my first visit, she kept in touch with me for getting opinions on her workshops at CSI, offering discounts to the members, and related stuff. She follows up her clients for feedback.
Farah M

The Mitzvah Technique helped me to think more practically about how I sit at my computer and what I could do in my unique workspace set up to improve my posture. It was relaxing and helpful; I still use some of the tips when I notice my posture slipping.
Timna B 

As someone who spends a lot of time glued to my laptop, I was really pleased with this workshop. I learned some simple and rewarding things I can do to take better care of my body.
Tim G

Working with Susan and learning the Mitzvah Technique is definitely one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. Her gentle hands on approach makes learning easy and enjoyable and it empowered me to take control of my back health and get on the road to recovery with exercises I could do to help heal myself and realign my posture gently and pain free. A true master in the healing field, I highly recommend Susan to anyone wanting to improve their mobility, back health and quality of life.
Erin Shapero

Before studying the Mitzvah Technique with Susan Green, I attempted to deal with the symptoms of fibromyalgia on my own and with the assistance of health care professionals. Nothing helped to address the fibromyalgia until I tried the Mitzvah Technique and I felt immediate relief to my shoulder, neck and upper back. Susan corrected the constant pain in my tailbone that had been nagging me for years. No one including doctors had been able to diagnose or solve the problem even though many diagnostic tests were performed. I am now able to enjoy many activities that were in the past excruciating.
Carole S.

I had unrelenting pain in my neck, shoulder and arm for several years. I was told by my doctor to set up a date for surgery and prepare for a lengthy recovery. It would have meant time off of work, resulting in stress for my employer and family.
Instead, Susan Green helped me to solve the problem using “Physical Solutions for Posture, Tension/Stress & Strain’s”  Mitzvah Technique Chair Exercise. She altered how I sat at my desk/computer/phone to take pressure off of my neck and shoulders and arm. Susan taught me new ways to release tension and relieve strain from sitting at the desk/computer/phone.
Amazingly the pain completely went away within two weeks of adopting the Mitzvah Technique Chair Exercise to my work activities. Much to my relief, I now am pain free and do not require surgery.
Jill Tate
Conference Centre Coordinator

I am deeply grateful to Susan Green for teaching me the Mitzvah Technique. It is indispensable to me in my career as a pianist: it releases tensions and restores equilibrium in the body on an ongoing basis, – effects which are of vital importance in the physical performance of music.

The practice of Mitzvah Technique has become an integral part of my life. I feel that it plays a significant role in maintaining health and well being.
Victoria Mazur 
Pianist and Teacher

I suffered chronic low back pain for many years. I was pleasantly surprised that the gentle Mitzvah Technique and its exercise effected alterations in my body mechanics which alleviated this discomfort. Susan Green is an able Mitzvah Technique Instructor and I highly recommend her sessions.
Michael R. Pierrynowski, PH.D.
Associate Professor within the  School of  Rehabilitation Science and the Department of Kinesiology
Mc Master University, Hamilton, Ontario.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia three years before I met Susan Green. I was on a downward path as far as my mobility was concerned, and the treatments that were available to me caused too much pain to be of any use long-term. From my first session with Susan, when she introduced me to the Mitzvah Technique, my pain levels decreased and my flexibility and mobility increased. With Susan’s support I am now able to exercise and strength train at a fitness club.
I always look forward to my sessions with Susan. I arrive feeling like the Tin Man when Dorothy first encounters him. My joints “rusted” so badly it is difficult and painful to move.  The gentle treatment the Mitzvah technique offers loosens my joints and muscles. When I leave I feel like I have been given the world’s most effective painkiller and I feel like I can conquer the world!
The beauty of the Mitzvah Technique is that it can be applied to movement in everyday life. Susan teaches exercises and forms that can be done between visits to keep the Mitzvah mechanism moving. It means that each visit I am a little less stuck, and every time I finish with Susan I am more limber than I was previously. I am thankful everyday for Susan and the Mitzvah Technique.
Amanda Skinner 

My special needs daughter had a severe posture problem with head down and shoulders slumped forward. 2 years of patient teaching in the Mitzvah Technique has brought about a dramatic improvement. My daughter is now standing straight and tall with head held high and eyes looking ahead. Her new stance makes her feel good and has given her a new feeling of self confidence. She also had occasional neck pain which has not recurred for several months now.
Sylvia F.

I am very well acquainted with the Mitzvah Exercise , as developed by M. Cohen-Nehemia, which Susan Green is teaching. It is based on sound principles, is absolutely harmless, and is very  effective at improving posture, reducing tension and improving body performance for a variety of activities including athletics and artistic pursuits of all kinds.
Susan Green has taught the Mitzvah Exercise to my staff at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is a well informed, caring person and I am sure will provide you with a worthwhile program.
Alan Pollard
Biochemist-in-chief Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto, Ontario

Learning the Mitzvah Technique is the best thing that I have ever done for my well being. It has provided me with a means to enhance my  posture and strengthen my skeletal/muscular system. Applying the Mitzvah to my nursing and massage occupations enables me to work longer without experiencing back strain and fatigue.
Gerda Beckmann
R.N.A.  R.M.T.

Susan helped me with my jaw problem, neck poking and back stiffness. The Mitzvah Technique has also benefited my acting because I am able to move more easily and freely. My voice sounds clearer and can feel less pressure on my vocal cords.
Laura Hendrickson