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Practice  Mitzvah Technique
The Mitzvah Technique’s uniquely gentle hands on approach to postural reeducation brings unparalleled improvements. All ages and fitness levels benefit from this individualized approach which is designed to meet the specific needs of each student. The refined Mitzvah Technique table work works through patterns of tension buildups. The Mitzvah Exercises undo tension build ups to support and encourage symmetrical use of body mechanics and spine lengthening. Ongoing support is given for practical integration of the Mitzvah Exercises and its discipline during daily activities 

Individual sessions are comprised of  Mitzvah Technique hands on tablework and stool work and chair, barre, wall and floor exercises. Individual sessions are 45 minutes.

Classes/Workshops provide the environment to learn, practice and fine tune the Mitzvah exercises through group participation. Students work at their own pace according to their specific needs. Practical application of the Mitzvah Technique discipline is applied to daily and specialized activities including: workplace, computer,  physical and artistic. The Mitzvah Technique table work is an option during individual session workshops.

Events/Presentations provide an excellent forum for the introduction of the Mitzvah Technique through presentation/demonstrations and optional volunteer participation in the Mitzvah exercises.

Individual sessions in a Group Setting Individual sessions are available within a group setting, providing the opportunity to practice and observe before and after one-on-one hands-on work. More time, content practice and instruction in the Mitzvah environment provides an opportunity to learn and further develop and maintain healthy posture. This approach is very effective for reinforcing postural pattern improvements.

Mitzvah Technique chair, stool, barre, wall, floor and movement exercises are designed to reeducate postural body usage. They emphasize freedom of movement for your whole body during sitting, standing and walking. These unique exercises are at the heart of this pared down to practical essentials discipline. Their practice reinforces and extends improvements garnered from the unique Mitzvah Technique tablework and stool work. They in turn support the practice of the exercises by further releasing patterns of tension build ups to mobilize the joints.

Consistent practice and use during everyday living brings long term relief and greater ease of movement.  This empowering approach can decrease reliance on medications while encouraging the body to heal itself.

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