Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique – Great Posture

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Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique is learned through individual sessions, workshops, classes, presentations and Qualified Teacher Training.

A gentle and effective approach to posture improvement and body usage.

Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique is a dynamic, hands-on method designed to teach participants how to improve their posture. Many people have chronic pain that are masked with medications. Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique teaches people how to independently maintain healthy postural habits which corrects the source of aches and pains.

Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique helps to correct the source of posture problems, stiffness and aches and pains. The human body has an innate ability to gently spring upwards and align itself, which is the fundamental principle behind Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique. 

Holistic in it’s approach, you are taught a progressive series of practical exercises and therapeutic movements that gently tap into our body’s self correcting ability to realign and rebalance itself into relaxed and upright posture. You learn how to comfortably integrate your improved postural body usage into daily living especially during sitting, standing and walking.

As you tap into your innate self alignment ability you will be rewarded with more postural improvement, freedom of movement and health benefits than you ever thought possible. The Mitzvah Technique’s gentle approach to holistic posture correction has long lasting effects.

Susan Green B.Sc.(Hon) Certified Teacher of Mitzvah Technique

Thank you M. Cohen-Nehemia for sharing your brilliant work!

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